What’s Love Got to Do with (Politics)?

Our last week as leaders of the free world, then…VACATION!!

First things first: This Farewell Presidential Address was amazing. But regardless of your opinions on policies and decisions made by the 44th President of the United States, I think everyone can agree on one thing: President Obama loves First Lady Michelle LeVaughn Robinson Obama! Yes he really gave her full government name.  Yes, I might have been teary-eyed.

THAT, to me, is one of the greatest facets of the legacy he will leave.  You may love him, or hate him, but no one can deny his love and commitment to his family. Of course as a family fanatic my opinion is heavily weighted, but if your timeline looked anything like mine its been filled with tear emojiis and pictures of the happy couple. Social media outlets have been flooded with images like this one, with the leaders of the free world basking in each other’s love and enjoying it to the fullest.   So where does that leave us?

It’s 2017, and a new year is an opportunity to reflect and start over.  So its time to open our eyes to what has been before us for eight years, and allow it to light a beacon of hope inside.  Many have questioned if it is possible to be truly happy and fulfilled in a relationship.  We ponder if marriage matters at all.  It’s hard to imagine coming home to a happy, loving environment each day.  “Where have all the good men gone?”, we ask with an air of disbelief. But STOP.  Did you see that twinkle in Michelle Obama’s eyes when she gazes at her man in adoration?  You can have THAT.  Because if the man with the most stressful, time-consuming responsibility-laden job in the world can have a happy marriage with regular date nights and a great relationship with his kids, what is our excuse?

There is none.  Whatever we have, wherever we are, we have within us the power, fortitude and discipline to improve our current family life or positively impact the relationship to come. Don’t believe me?  Think about the hardest thing you’ve ever accomplished.  How did you manage to do it?  Most likely, you needed a little power, a sprinkle of fortitude, and a dollop of discipline. We invest thousands of dollars and hours on education and training to prepare for a career that might not even work out. How much are we willing to sacrifice to have a happy home, or better yet prepare for one before we ever say ‘I do’?

You can start today by picking up the phone to call a loved one or significant other and say, “I love you and I need you.  How can I help us (or myself for my single folks) get to a place of peace and happiness?” Sometimes this is all it takes to get started – a Relational Call to Action (RCA)!

So in 2017 lets follow the example given to us on this presidential platform.  Yes, we CAN have it all – a happy and fulfilled family life right along with success in career, education and business ventures – as long as we’re willing to work for it just as tirelessly as we work for everything else worth having in our lives. YES WE CAN.