Who Said Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees? Part 2

Today is Freebie Friday, when we share about ways to make and save money for you and your family!


Last week we shared about the power of receipts. Today we’ve got more in store for paper that isn’t cash…or is it? I’m talking about coupons!! Everyone knows you can get coupons in the newspaper, but now we’re going to share some less obvious spots to find them!

1. Social Media
Many of us spend HOURS every day on facebook, twitter, and instagram.  Why not make the most of that time by looking for deals in the process of liking, tweeting and posting? It’s as simple as liking every facebook page or following the accounts of products, entertainment venues and restaurants you enjoy.  That way, during your daily scrolling the deals pop up for you, and you can have it sent to your email or just click “print”! One of my favorite Facebook pages is Bonefish Grill.  Lately they have had awesome deals and coupons on their page like $10 off any purchase!

2. PassionForSavings.com
As an avid couponer (not quite extreme, at least I don’t think so…), I used to be frustrated about not finding coupons for things I had on my shopping list, like juice or baby food. Then Passion For Savings came my way, and changed my couponing life.  The site itself is much like others that gather the best couponing deals…except there is a coupon database that is SEARCHABLE.  Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?!! I use it by making my grocery list, then based on that list search the database for coupons I don’t already have. Which leads me to my last fave…

3. Coupons.com app
You know that wonderful device you’re holding or have sitting within reach? Pick it up and download the coupons.com app! This app lets you scroll through coupons like you do facebook statuses, and save the ones you want to clip as you go along.  Then you either print wirelessly, or send it to your email so their ready to quickly print before you head out to buy groceries!! Super easy!  Couponing may not be your thing, but just by putting these easy strategies to work you’ll be saving money in no time!!

This week, I managed to snag barbecue sauce for $0.20 per bottle!  What was your biggest deal?

Until next time!

With Love, Janelle

P.S. – Tuesday May 19, save 50% on any order at Papa John’s when you order online with promo code BUS50.

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