When Words Won’t Work

Today is Work It Out Wednesday, when we work on our relationships!!

It was Sunday night.  I found myself sitting there with my husband Tamaro and my own mind swirling with a million thoughts.  There was so much I wanted to say, needed to say…but I sat in silence.
There was a tangible discomfort in the room, but Tamaro did the hard and right thing: he studied my eyes, then sat there with me. 

In silence. 

It could have been a totally different night with unnecessary confusion, but shared silence saved us.  You see, emotions are fickle things.  They try to impose their will (“I just HAD to say something!”) when really the choice to speak or not is yours.  All it takes is a little moment of silence to think before you speak and act. Sometimes in that silence, you find all the answers and comfort you need. Sometimes, braving one’s busy brain in silence is rough going, but sharing that silence with someone you love makes it much easier to face while still avoiding having to drag them on your emotional rollercoaster.

So this week if you feel a little out of balance, sit with your spouse and share the silence.  Words may come later, or not, but the stage has been set for a more positive interaction moving forward.

With Love, Janelle

2 thoughts on “When Words Won’t Work

  1. GOOD WORD!! This actually applies to relationships, in general!! I love it! Silence CAN be more effective than a vocal dialogue, in some cases – especially when emotions are “high”…and all the wrong ones, at that!! You’re so right, if we can just take a moment to close our eyes & breathe, we could find ourselves in a better space! It may be difficult/challenging to accomplish in some cases, but with continued effort & reinforcement, it’ll prove a valuable asset to maintaining a HEALTHY relationship!! Thanks for the entry – again, GOOD WORD & GOOD READ!!

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    1. Thanks so much Denzell! Just wanted to highlight an important facet of communication that is rarely discussed but very powerful! You’re right, it can be even more effective than dialogue sometimes. James 1:19!


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