Who Said Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees? Part 1

Today is Freebie Friday, when we talk about ways to make and save money!

So here’s a riddle: what is made of paper that can have cash value but it isn’t cash or coupons?



So where do you start?
First, check your receipt after every purchase!  That person ringing up your $200 in groceries is a human being who makes mistakes…mistakes you have been paying for, until now!! When I first started couponing I began checking every receipt.  That first week I saved $12, because my receipts proved I was over charged!! Using CTR (check the receipt), I realized I was saving several dollars a week that I HAD been spending needlessly.  You can too!

Next, read your receipt front and back!  Many stores and restaurants offer discounts and free stuff on every receipt. This is one of the ways I manage to spend about $3 per person for full meals on every fast food visit and get an average of $10 off for sit down meals for me and my husband. Here are just a few of my favorites spots:
Burger King
Mimi’s Cafe
Boston Market

Lastly, turn that receipt into free cash with your smart phone!  There are multiple rebate apps thay give you money back on stuff you buy!!  Here are a few of my go-to rebate apps:
SNAP by Groupon

So lets take the time to keep our receipts. Otherwise, we’re throwing away money! Stay tuned next Friday for part 2!!

With Love, Janelle

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