Free Lunch is a Real Thing

It’s Freebie Friday, when you learn a quick tip about making or saving money!!

So I just got back from an awesome date night with my husband Tamaro. (We went to see Avengers 2.  Yes, it was chock full of awesomeness.) The grandparents kept the baby overnight for the first time too.  But even before my sweet face chunky legs came along, date nights were very rare at the Johnson’s.

That’s not to say we don’t go out…we just tend to do so during the DAY. Why? Because food and movies (two of our most favorite things) are much cheaper then.  So here is how you make the most of your date night or day dollars at mealtime:

1. Eat early.  Usually if you order before 4 pm you are good to go. No need to pay more money for the same food!


2. Sign up for customer reward programs! Start with wonderful spots like Mimi’s Cafe and Macaroni Grill where you can almost always find BOGO deals! That’s right, a free meal folks.

3. Drink water.  Otherwise, you might be spending your tip money just to get two glasses of sprite that are full of mostly ice anyway.

All right, you are ready! Next week, we’ll talk about another hot freebie idea to bundle with this strategy.  In the meantime, let me know how much more enjoyable lunch is when you save all that money!

With Love, Janelle

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