On the Grind

Today is Work it Out Wednesday, when we talk about improving our relationships!

Have you noticed something over the past few years with regards to the news? Tragedy is the new norm.  Terrorism, natural disasters, riots, suicides, mass murders…it’s crazy.  But folks can go through hell and high water and survive. Let their relationship get rocky though, and suddenly they are ready to throw in the towel. Chris Rock said it like this:


Now that is a mess!! As funny as this stand-up was though, I have to disagree with Chris Rock.  Marriage is NOT hard. Life can be full of tragedies, but your relationship does not have to be one of them. Too often we place the blame on the relationship instead of seeing our chance to address our own issues.

Case in point: the other day I was picking up yet another random shirt my husband left in the living room. Before I could open my mouth to complain (yet again), I walked into the next room, and found myself staring at a small mountain of clean clothes that had been waiting to be folded over a week. It occurred to me that my husband had never complained to me about my terrible habit of taking forever and three years to fold the clothes. Despite having to wade through sheets and underwear to find a shirt when getting ready for work at 6am, he was patient and understanding…but I wasn’t. OUCH. Well, if he could be patient with me about folding clothes, surely I could pick up a worn shirt he left behind without nagging. So I put the shirt in the dirty clothes hamper and silently prayed, “Lord help me”.

You see, marriage is meant to bring out the best and worst in us; it is a mortar and pestle that grinds two people together unveiling what they are made of. Only our perspective determines the impact of what is discovered. Because whether a delicious aroma or a foul stench is found, what matters is that we found the truth. Now we have a chance to freely flaunt the greatness and fix the foolishness. This week I challenge you to maximize that opportunity. How can you make the most of the grind?

With Love, Janelle

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