Think. Do. Be.

Well, I did it.  I actually did it.  I sent in a piece to an e-zine editor.  And just a few hours later, I already received a response!  You see, I’ve been dreaming of being a published author for the majority of my life.  Not because I love reading, and not because my mother was an English teacher (Can you imagine being told to say a sentence again because you were redundant…at age seven?).  Not even because I have been told the majority of my life that I have exemplary writing skills.  No, I dreamed of it because I genuinely love it.  I love to write.  Why else do you think I love school, I’m a Facebook junkie, I’ve had a yahoo email address since age 12 (which I still have), and my favorite t-shirt says: I’m not a player…I just text a lot.

My Favorite T-Shirt
My Favorite T-Shirt

Needless to say, writing is my preferred method of communication.  And one day, prayerfully sooner than I think, I’ll have a published book of my own.  How do I know?  Because dreams come true, and I say it will happen!!  You may think I’m crazy for thinking its that simple, but I think It’s crazy for us to settle for anything less than our dreams.  I understand that life happens – bad relationships, messed up finances, unexpected children, and all types of shenanigans.  Nevertheless, it all boils down to your mind set.  Sure you didn’t plan to have a kid at 18, and now you have to work to provide.  But does that mean you can’t go back to school? Or start your own business?  I understand that you got a divorce, and the likelihood of you experiencing the happy marriage you always dreamed of seems slim to none.  Statistics might say that, but why can’t you be the exception to the rule?  Maybe you’re like me – you were told your whole life that if you just get your college education, the world will open up to you with opportunity…but upon graduating, you ran smack dab into the brick wall of the Great Recession in 2007.  Sure it hurts, but none of that really matters; unless you let it.

What matters is how we respond.  We are what we say and do.  People will tell you that you are who God says you are – but that’s not the whole story.  Death and life are in the power of YOUR tongue.  As such, God or other people can say all the good things they want about you, but if you don’t accept it, believe it, confess it and live like it’s the truth, you’ll never see any progress or change.  God changes you on the inside so that you have the power to change the things around you on the outside.  You’ve already got the blood of Jesus and all the power of the Holy Spirit available to you; what else could He give you that’s better?? When you really think about it, you already have more than you need to achieve your goals. So follow these wise words that I was taught: Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.

Create your business plan.  Enroll in school.  Get a passport.  Send your writing to an E-zine. Open an investment account.  Take a day off to spend with your spouse or your kids.  Get down on your knees and pray.  Just make up in your mind that you will no longer accept doing nothing.  You are not powerless. You can always do something.  So think what you want. Do what you want.  BE what you want.

With Love,


4 thoughts on “Think. Do. Be.

  1. Blog posts like this are needed and this one is On Time. It’s so easy to give up on a dream nowadays and true encouragement is rare. I hope the publishing goes well!


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